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Dec. 19th, 2010 07:57 pm
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Well, closed on the house this past Tuesday. Drove down over last Sunday-Monday. Rained all the way until just before we stopped for the night. From the rain we ran into snow. Snowed overnight into the next morning. Flurries three quarters of the way,here and there. Then blinding sun for the rest of the trip. Was interesting to say the least. And the farther south we got ,the colder it got. Which is abnormal for the south. But, we managed just fine.
  Rained for about the next three days. Then cleared up. Friday night it snowed just enough to leave a light dusting. Saturday was overcast, but no presip. Today was sunny and clear all the way.
  The house is in good shape. We did have to get the furnace worked on a bit. But other than replacing light bulbs, and a couple of small parts on the toilets, that was it. Will do more in the spring when I go back down. Have someone to rent it, he can finish the cleaning. So slowly, but surely, it will become what I want before we move down there in a couple of years.The kitchen will have a complete make over,I need more space to work on than it has at the moment.

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