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Just nothing going on right now. Had my nails done today. That was it. Too tired to do anything else. Guess tomorrow I'll do laundry. Supposed to rain through Friday. Soooooo....not much else to do.

I am bored. Need to hit the road. I so have wanderlust now. Should have been born rich, lol. I would never be home. Funny how I'm pretty much the only one in the family that ever travels. Don't know where I got it from. But I did pass it on to my son ;)

Watching Idol tonight. Don't have a fave, but it's better than last year. Tomorrow AFL will be on as a guest. Yay!! Wish the whole band was gonna be on, but only Monte as far as I know. Oh well.

Enough rambling , nothing to say.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:38 pm
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I haz it !! I am so ready to hit the road. Weather is just beginning to feel like spring is getting here.Just waiting for May to get here so I can pack up the car and hit the road. More than likely have to take both dogs, major bummer. I need a vacay from them.Tired of living my life around them right now. But...when I go away, I don't like to leave them with the neighbor. Always feel like I have to hurry my trip and get back home. Plus she always over indulges them. Which is why her cat weighs 28 lbs. and has all kinds of health problems. Sooooooo....dogs will go with me. Can always find someone down there to leave one of them with.

Just got new insurance from hubs work. Really going to suck if our doctor doesn't take it. He's not on the list,although docs website says they accept it. Have to find out before next month, I have an appt. And I really don't want to pay for the whole thing if it out of network. I don't want to look for a new doc either at this point in time. Sucks.

All the snow has melted. First time we've seen the grass since Christmas ! Hope we don't get any more. Have a feeling we will though. Ah, springtime, get here already !
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So Missy had surgery yesterday for the cyst on her head. They cut her about three inches. She has like eight stitches. Poor baby. Had one of those darn plastic collars on when I picked her up. Why don't they make them in more sizes ? I took it off her this morning. She couldn't get to the water or her food. As long as I can keep her from scratching, or rubbing her head I will leave it off. She just cannot do anything with that collar on. She goes back in two weeks for a check up. And they should know next week if the lump is anything to be concerned about. I don't think it is, since it's never bothered her. But just to be sure, I had them go ahead and biopsy it.She is already back to her normal self.Who knew having critters could be such an expense ? But what are you gonna do ? Love these little stubborn, aggravating dogs to pieces.
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I have to take my dog Missy to the vet Friday for removal of a cyst. Poor baby, she's been so quiet today.I think she's in a bit of pain. She has a cyst on her head that has been there all her life. These past few months it has gotten bigger. A couple of days ago, it started oozing. I don't know if she scratched it, or my other dog Rowdy scraped it when they played. Took her to the vet yesterday.She got a shot she needed, and they took blood for testing.  Result is she will get it removed. Dropping her off Friday. They will do what ever it is they need to do, and stitch her up. She will only be there for the day, I will pick her up in the afternoon. Today it has been seeping more than it was yesterday.

 If I had known the snow last night was going to be less than they predicted, I would have taken her in today. Only one more day though. Lets hope infection doesn't set in, that could be a problem. Poor baby ! She is such a sweetheart, I hate to see her in pain, or sick. She's not going to like being left there. She has a thing about the vet's office...used to like it till they cut one of her nails too short one time. Since then she is a whiny mess every time she goes. And Rowdy has always been a mess when he goes. Which will have to be soon, he's due a shot or two. And his annual checkup. Critters ! Got to love'em !! But they can be costly to maintain. Hopefully, Missy will be ok after they remove the cyst. Then it will be a matter of trying to keep her stitches in one piece. Not always the easiest thing to do !

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Dec. 19th, 2010 07:57 pm
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Well, closed on the house this past Tuesday. Drove down over last Sunday-Monday. Rained all the way until just before we stopped for the night. From the rain we ran into snow. Snowed overnight into the next morning. Flurries three quarters of the way,here and there. Then blinding sun for the rest of the trip. Was interesting to say the least. And the farther south we got ,the colder it got. Which is abnormal for the south. But, we managed just fine.
  Rained for about the next three days. Then cleared up. Friday night it snowed just enough to leave a light dusting. Saturday was overcast, but no presip. Today was sunny and clear all the way.
  The house is in good shape. We did have to get the furnace worked on a bit. But other than replacing light bulbs, and a couple of small parts on the toilets, that was it. Will do more in the spring when I go back down. Have someone to rent it, he can finish the cleaning. So slowly, but surely, it will become what I want before we move down there in a couple of years.The kitchen will have a complete make over,I need more space to work on than it has at the moment.

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Rainy, cold day today. Turkey Day we got our first snow flakes--about five minutes worth. 

Finally found a user pic. I just love TJR. So, Imma use his pretty face.

 Spent the afternoon yesterday with the son and dil. Don't see much of them since they moved to Philly. It's all of an hour or so away, but, ya know,such a long way to drive.

 Closing on the house in a couple of weeks. Hope the weather is decent for that drive. Be nice to actually see the place ! Have only seen pix so far. My realtor is a real sweetheart. She went and took a bajillion pix for me.Have to take care of her for all her work. I've been bothering her for a couple of years now. If anyone needs a realtor in Jackson,TN. I will be more than happy to rec her !

 Almost finished baking. Just not in the mood this year.So cutting it way short. People are just gonna have to get used to it. I need to do a bit more shopping before I quit for real. 

 Still haven't done any Christmas shopping. Getting gift cards though, so it'll be fast and easy. Seven little kids to buy for,ranging in age from a couple years to ten years old. So, cards.


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So, the husband will be retiring in a couple of years or so. We have been looking for a house down South. Not that I want to live there. But he seems to think I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag open on both ends if he wasn't around. I want to go to the Southwest. If a place can be a soul mate, NM is mine.
 I know not a soul there. And the hubs doesn't want me to be "all alone" if he kicks the bucket before I do. Soooooo..he has the brilliant idea we should move to TN. where I have relatives. So,as usual, I compromise my wants for his.

 Anywhooo,we have an offer in on a house. We should be getting definite word on Monday that it's ours. It's only a couple of miles from the relatives. Being down there insures I will have plenty of help cleaning and painting and what ever. So that is a plus ! It'll be good in the end. I do like my relatives,lol.It just won't be where my heart wants to be. In my next life. 

  It's time for me to get my Christmas baking started. Running late this year. I started this a few years ago, baking and sending it off to the relatives. And now I don't feel like doing it as much as I did. But they have come to look forward to the goodies. This year will be slimmed down,as far as the sheer amount of crap I bake. Several hundreds of cookies,breads, and assorted other things. Just not happening this year. The cost of all that, plus mailing, plus a second mortgage payment. All right before Christmas is going to put a damper on spending this year. So, yeah, scaling back. But it's all good.

Just wanted to vent a bit. No one here to bitch about stuff except the dogs. And they really don't care....soooo.

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I've never had a journal before. But this will be a good place to come and put down crap running through my mind. Probably won't be often,but occasionally I need to vent.
 I found LJ searching fan-fic. Specifically Adommy fic. I'm a huge fan of Adam Lambert and his pretty little bass player Tommy. Sooooo---this is a good place to be. I don't write fic. But I love to read it. There are some very good writers here on LJ-really good !
  I look forward to reading great fic, and posting my thoughts on here.


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