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So, the husband will be retiring in a couple of years or so. We have been looking for a house down South. Not that I want to live there. But he seems to think I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag open on both ends if he wasn't around. I want to go to the Southwest. If a place can be a soul mate, NM is mine.
 I know not a soul there. And the hubs doesn't want me to be "all alone" if he kicks the bucket before I do. Soooooo..he has the brilliant idea we should move to TN. where I have relatives. So,as usual, I compromise my wants for his.

 Anywhooo,we have an offer in on a house. We should be getting definite word on Monday that it's ours. It's only a couple of miles from the relatives. Being down there insures I will have plenty of help cleaning and painting and what ever. So that is a plus ! It'll be good in the end. I do like my relatives,lol.It just won't be where my heart wants to be. In my next life. 

  It's time for me to get my Christmas baking started. Running late this year. I started this a few years ago, baking and sending it off to the relatives. And now I don't feel like doing it as much as I did. But they have come to look forward to the goodies. This year will be slimmed down,as far as the sheer amount of crap I bake. Several hundreds of cookies,breads, and assorted other things. Just not happening this year. The cost of all that, plus mailing, plus a second mortgage payment. All right before Christmas is going to put a damper on spending this year. So, yeah, scaling back. But it's all good.

Just wanted to vent a bit. No one here to bitch about stuff except the dogs. And they really don't care....soooo.

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