Mar. 2nd, 2011


Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:38 pm
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I haz it !! I am so ready to hit the road. Weather is just beginning to feel like spring is getting here.Just waiting for May to get here so I can pack up the car and hit the road. More than likely have to take both dogs, major bummer. I need a vacay from them.Tired of living my life around them right now. But...when I go away, I don't like to leave them with the neighbor. Always feel like I have to hurry my trip and get back home. Plus she always over indulges them. Which is why her cat weighs 28 lbs. and has all kinds of health problems. Sooooooo....dogs will go with me. Can always find someone down there to leave one of them with.

Just got new insurance from hubs work. Really going to suck if our doctor doesn't take it. He's not on the list,although docs website says they accept it. Have to find out before next month, I have an appt. And I really don't want to pay for the whole thing if it out of network. I don't want to look for a new doc either at this point in time. Sucks.

All the snow has melted. First time we've seen the grass since Christmas ! Hope we don't get any more. Have a feeling we will though. Ah, springtime, get here already !


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