Jan. 12th, 2011

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I have to take my dog Missy to the vet Friday for removal of a cyst. Poor baby, she's been so quiet today.I think she's in a bit of pain. She has a cyst on her head that has been there all her life. These past few months it has gotten bigger. A couple of days ago, it started oozing. I don't know if she scratched it, or my other dog Rowdy scraped it when they played. Took her to the vet yesterday.She got a shot she needed, and they took blood for testing.  Result is she will get it removed. Dropping her off Friday. They will do what ever it is they need to do, and stitch her up. She will only be there for the day, I will pick her up in the afternoon. Today it has been seeping more than it was yesterday.

 If I had known the snow last night was going to be less than they predicted, I would have taken her in today. Only one more day though. Lets hope infection doesn't set in, that could be a problem. Poor baby ! She is such a sweetheart, I hate to see her in pain, or sick. She's not going to like being left there. She has a thing about the vet's office...used to like it till they cut one of her nails too short one time. Since then she is a whiny mess every time she goes. And Rowdy has always been a mess when he goes. Which will have to be soon, he's due a shot or two. And his annual checkup. Critters ! Got to love'em !! But they can be costly to maintain. Hopefully, Missy will be ok after they remove the cyst. Then it will be a matter of trying to keep her stitches in one piece. Not always the easiest thing to do !


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