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Rainy, cold day today. Turkey Day we got our first snow flakes--about five minutes worth. 

Finally found a user pic. I just love TJR. So, Imma use his pretty face.

 Spent the afternoon yesterday with the son and dil. Don't see much of them since they moved to Philly. It's all of an hour or so away, but, ya know,such a long way to drive.

 Closing on the house in a couple of weeks. Hope the weather is decent for that drive. Be nice to actually see the place ! Have only seen pix so far. My realtor is a real sweetheart. She went and took a bajillion pix for me.Have to take care of her for all her work. I've been bothering her for a couple of years now. If anyone needs a realtor in Jackson,TN. I will be more than happy to rec her !

 Almost finished baking. Just not in the mood this year.So cutting it way short. People are just gonna have to get used to it. I need to do a bit more shopping before I quit for real. 

 Still haven't done any Christmas shopping. Getting gift cards though, so it'll be fast and easy. Seven little kids to buy for,ranging in age from a couple years to ten years old. So, cards.



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